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Our Privacy Policy

Outlook is considered one of the best online services when it comes to online privacy policy. Federal government and the technology industry has developed some standards to help you guide them against internet fraud and securing your computer against various threats.

Outlook Using Personal Information

The policy is not applicable to people who run the Outlook system, neither they control or own and even the people who Outlook does not manage. In addition to that, some of the companies that were acquired by Outlook have their preexisting privacy policy that they employ for their own and could be found online.

Outlook's Participation in the Same Harbor program

Outlook is known to be participating in Safe Harbor program that was developed by the US Department of Commerce and Eastern Union. In order to view their certification, you need to visit their website at Safe Harbor Website.

Use and Collection of information

Outlook is known to collect personal information through the use of cookies. This is applicable when you are registered with Outlook products and services. When you visit Outlook products and services, you can visit many Outlook pages and certain partners of Outlook. They might collect information about you and that can be arranged from business partners various other companies. After you register with our services, we will be asking you about other business partners and other companies. When you register, they will have questions like your name, DOB, email address, zip code, gender, occupation industry and other personal interests. Due to some of the financial products and services we will ask for your address, social security number and your information about your assets. Once you register and sign in with us, you are not anonymous with us anymore.

Cookies and similar information

Outlook might collect various transaction records from you and your business partners through the use of services and financial products and services that we have in store for you. They automatically receives information and records through your browser including IP address and cookies information. Outlook collects information through various purposes, including advertising and content. Including fulfilling your request for different products and services, improving your services, contact you and conduct research in order to provide you with various reporting from internal and external customers.

When a child tries to register with Outlook services, we ask your child to register with a Outlook family account. Visit the children's privacy and family accounts in order to learn more about the children's privacy on Outlook.